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“I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original.” – Aaliyah

Hi guys, I hope everyone is enjoying January and is having a splendid 2016.

I present to you a new brand: Jump From Paper. Some of you may know these amazing 2D bags from lookbooks, Tumblr or Instagram through 2014 and 2015.

This brand is Anime-inspired and designed by quirky “Kids of the Internet Age” (as the JumpFromPaper website said itself). Created by Taiwanese designers; Chay Su and Rika Lin. Jump From Paper is a modern Taipei-based fashion accessory brand found in 2010.

The Jump From Paper bags are bold cartoon and graphic illustrations that actually look like they “jump from paper” and there are many different styles. The collections include backpacks, wallets and bags that encourages you to let out your imagination!

At first I thought it was a cartoon bag Photoshoped on someone’s body, but it’s 100% real! (how amazing) This is one of the creative bags I have ever seen so far and I looooove it. It’s easy for carrying around some documents and laptop on a short school day or to hang out with your friends.

Jump From Paper is (also) always looking for exciting magazines, stylists, writers, bloggers, dancers etc to collaborate with. You can contact press@jumpfrompaper.com with ideas or suggestions for collaboration, including links to your current website, portfolio or blog.


Xo, Gely


Rookie Rollerskates

Rookie Retro Red&WhiteIt was better to just wait and try them out before writing a review, and now that I’m used to this cutie, here you go!

This cutie right here has been my friend over 6 weeks now, we had our ups and downs already but I’m not giving up on her! Her name is Retro Rookie Red&White, she made me fall twice and gave me a heart attack by almost falling on my face. This Rookie roller skate is designed to groove around in style, it has a fresh 90’s  retro look which I totally adore. They are easy to use indoors as well as outdoors. (depends on the ground.. From experience. Our it’s just me) The Rookie Retro Skates were inspired by classic high-top sneakers and featuring double chevron panels.


At first I wanted a classic but then I saw this one and it was love at first sight.  From 1978 and still rocking the streets. The best thing about the Rookie Skate Company is that it  prides itself on making unique and stylish skates that no other company can come close to.

With Rookie you can keep fit, socialize with friends and have a lot of fun! You can use Rookie for a nice day outside in the park, on the streets or at a roller disco while looking fashionable flawless!

                                                                              Rookie Rollerskates Logo   Follow Rookie Rollerskates on Facebook    Follow Rookie Rollerskates on Instagram   Follow Rookie Rollerskates on Twitter

Xo, Gely

Lomo’Instant Camera


I’m a huge fan of Lomo and Instant camera’s ! I’m happy to say that they finally designed a Lomo’Instant camera! And I never been happier about a camera as today. Before I bought my first instant camera (Fujifilm Instax mini 8) I always wanted to buy a Diana F+ because I thought it was freakishly cute and retro. Getting to the point.. The lomography made this creative camera for people who are up to amazing adventures. You can now pre-order this camera right Here


Note from Kickstarter

“The Lomo’Instant has been funded thanks to the tremendous support of over 8000 backers on Kickstarter.The camera is now available for pre-order with an estimated delivery date of December 2014. By pre-ordering the camera, you will get a special package full of Lomo’Instant goodies (including extra color filters and a camera strap) which won’t be included when the camera becomes available for regular retail purchase. We will also deliver pre-order cameras as soon as all the Kickstarter backer orders are fulfilled; so by pre-ordering now, you can ensure you get your Lomo’Instant camera sooner than those who delay.”

The Lomo’Instant pre-order package includes:

Lomo’Instant Camera with built-in Wide-angle lens

Close-up lens attachment (only included in certain pre-order packages)

Attachable Portrait and Fisheye Lenses (only included in certain pre-order packages)

8 Color Filters

Lomo’Instant Camera Strap

This isn’t just a camera, this is a object that can turn your photo’s into captured story’s. This camera isn’t like any other camera, this camera makes imperfection seem perfect. With these little memories that you capture, you can put them in your pocket or hang them on your wall. It’s fast, easy and fun !


3 Shooting Modes To Cover Every Kind Of Instant

The Lomo’Instant has an auto flash shooting mode so you can shoot fantastic instant photos with a flash. You can also switch to the 2 manual shooting modes more shooting possibilities.

Advanced Lens System

 One built-in wide angle lens, plus Fisheye, Portrait and Close-Up lens attachments available.

3beautiful Editions

Choose from three different stylish editions of the Lomo’Instant!

3 Shooting Modes

 Shoot photos with auto-flash on for immediately great results, or take direct control with the creative shooting modes (with flash and without flash).

Unlimited Multiple Exposures

Combine multiple shots on one frame for amazing experimental instants.

Infinite Long Exposures

Perfect for low light, dawn/dusk and nighttime shooting.

Color Gels

Transform your photos with color by shooting with fun color gels!

Xo, Gely

Moxi Rollerskates

Moxi Rollerskates

I wanted these roller skates so badly but I never knew where to find them and I think that they’re really cute and fun to use. I’m obsessed with the beautiful colors and the difference about it. No one uses them anymore I guess, at least not where I live. We use inline skates, I used to have one but something broke so I couldn’t use it anymore and I really loved to just skate around my neighborhood when I was bored or when it was hot outside and I felt like skating around. But with roller skates, well. I think that they are amazing ! So different and fun, I just love them! I never used them before though, but I’d like to give It a try. These Moxi Roller Skates are really expensive, but there are also cheaper ones called Rookie Roller Skates I found on UrbanOutfitters (I don’t know if they still have them). I don’t own one, but I’m thinking about buying a pair of roller skates some day in the future. Tell me what you think about roller skates, and If you have a pair be free to send a photo if you like (:

Xo, Gely

Wreck This Journal Everywhere

Another Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. A book full of tasks you must accomplish. You can pick anything you want, randomly. but you must do them all to complete the entire book. You can take this book with you everywhere, while your on your way to school, on a vacation an adventure or just travailing. Be creative and explore great cities with this new Wreck This Journal Everywhere. Draw, doodle and destroying pages on your way. This new book is very easy to put into your backpack ore your pocket ! Do the things you never thought you would ever do, and make changes. I own a black Wreck This Journal and I actually had fun with it, I never really accomplished all the tasks but i’m still working on it, I do not own a Wreck this Journal everywhere but I would love to. I recommend this book to everyone who loves to go outside and do random things! (:


Xo, Gely

Polaroid 636: Close-up

Hey guys !

I’m not a photographer (I would like to learn) but it’s just fun to know that when you can take pictures and it comes out of the camera directly you can keep it forever. Just thinking about it makes me fall in love. You can buy this camera at UrbanOutfitter.com for € 150 with one pack of colored film. each pack of film contains 8 films, and costs € 20. You can also buy a black and white film pack. You can buy these packs of film at Amazon, Urbanoutfitters and at The Impossible Project.
 because of the close up lens you can make portrait and landscape photo’s. I would recommend this camera to you if your interested in Polaroid camera’s and if your actually good at taking beautiful pictures, because it’s really expensive. I’m not that good at  it but yeahh… I bought mine at a thrift shop for € 20, I thought it was a good price and it was never used so why not buy it ? (:


Xo, Gely

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Today I’m going to tell you guys about this cute little camera, “the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8.”

I’m so obsessed with this camera, it fits right in your hand and it’s very easy to make photo’s with. You can take instant photos witch means that the photo comes out of the camera directly. I just love the idea of having these beautiful memories on these pretty little cards and It’s definitely worth the money!  You can buy  at Amazon  or ebay. You can also buy them in 4 different colors. Blue, white, yellow and black. I bought a blue that looks like this one. I would definitely recommend this to all of you, it isn’t professional but it’s mostly about having fun (:

Share photos with you’re friends and family. you can keep them forever and just put it in you’re pocket.


xo, Gely