Movie: Old Fashioned

1 Corinthians 13:4-7: “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” 

Old fashioned is a Pureflix movie about love.

A romantic love story about a ‘weird’ old fashioned guy, who works at an antique shop; Clay. He meets a spontaneous young woman named Amber, as she rents a room above his shop in a small Midwestern college town, an unexpected love story was written.

Amber starts to know Clay a little better and at one point she starts to find Clay interesting, because of his faith and relationship theories. His friends think he has changed much over the years, the Clay from college isn’t the same Clay Amber is starting to get to know now. Clay tries to deny that he is actually developing feelings for Amber; spontaneous, passionate and embracing life Amber.

Now that Clay is getting to know Amber he realises that he has to take a step back from his relationship theories and Amber has to overcome her fears of getting hurt.


xo, Gely


We Were Liars

16143347‘Thrilling, beautiful, and blisteringly smart, We Were Liars is utterly unforgettable.’  – John Green

“We live, at least in the summertime, on a private island off the coast of Massachusetts.

Perhaps that is all you need to know.”

We Were Liars by  e. Lockhart has an ending you would never expect.

A trilling and dark tragedy. A story that won’t leave your mind, a catching story from beginning to end that will leave you in tears.

Tipper and Harris Sinclair live in Boston and have 3 daughters: first-born Penny, second Carrie and third Bess.  Candace Sinclair Eastman is the daughter of Penny Sinclair Eastman,  Tipper and Harris Sinclair’s fist granddaughter, and they live in Burlington, Vermont. Johnny Sinclair Dennis is the son  of Carrie Sinclair Dennis, the second grandson, and they live in New York City. Mirren Sinclair Sheffield is the daughter of Bess Sinclair Sheffield, the third granddaughter, and they live in Cambridge. And then there is Gat Patil, Johnny’s best friend and Ed’s nephew; Carrie Sinclair’s husband.

All four of them were called the liars. They are nearly the same age and most years on the island, they’ve been trouble.


Each year they went to their grandfathers island, Beechwood to spend the summer with their families. Something happened in summer 15,  something so tragic no one wants to talk about.

But After all, they were the beautiful Sinclair family. No one is a criminal. No one is an addict. No one is a  failure. No one is needy. No one is wrong.

This book took my breath away, I finished reading with tears in my eyes, it was so vivacious. Writers such as John Green, Maureen Johnson and Robin Wasserman who talked about the book weren’t exaggerating. It is a real page turner, beautiful, terrifyingly smart, sad, wonderful etc.

xo, Gely

#4 |Paper Towns The Movie

“As Long As We Don’t Die, This Is Gonna Be One Hell Of A Story.”

– John Green, Paper Towns

I was very lucky to see Paper Towns in theater, because I almost couldn’t!

It was still a good movie though and the producers did a great job! It was funny and romantic, everything about this movie was about first time doing things. I loved Radar even more after seeing the movie, he’s so nerdy and sweet, Ben was less sexist in the movie than in the book, he’s the kind of friend you want to have around when you need a good laugh, Quintin was super cute, being shy and all of a sudden extra confident. And Margo well Margo is a paper girl for a paper town. Their friendship is special, it’s that kind of friendships you can look back to and think about the wicked things you’ve done in high school.  We see Quintin grow into a more confident person after his special night with Margo. We see Chuck Parson get punished for  what he’d done in a less painful way than I imagined, Lacy’s car getting wrapped up in foil and we see Margo’s ex run naked across the street.

First road trip, almost dying, prom, first party, weird drunk Ben, love and singing the Pokemon while being scared. The characters were amazing! The directors of Paper Towns made sure your high school memories were placed in this movie, for you to remember that life is short and friendships is more valuable than gold. You should enjoy every single moment of your life, let your heart beat faster and do things out of your little comfort zone.

I loved to see the black Santa’s in Radars house! I really thought there would be more and I was hoping that Angela could seen them.

There had been some changes that really upset me, because Margo and Quintin didn’t go to Sea World (seriously!??) and that almost made me cry. But it was friendship/doing things for the last or the first time  kind of movie, which I adore but this one was special because we see self growth, acceptance, friendship and love. I had been waiting for this movie ever since I finished the book, and I must say besides the changes it was a wonderful movie!

Xo, Gely

The Great Gastby

After reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee in February (my first litterateur!) I noticed that I have a thing for old books too, even though it’s a little difficult for me to read I enjoy reading books like these, and I try to re-read what I don’t understand.

I decided to watch the movie The Great Gastby first and I loved it. Love, love, love. It is a great love story.

Mr. Gastby was a mysterious millionaire  who threw huge parties from 9 am to way past midnight and everyone was invited. There were a lot of different stories about who he might have been and where all his money came from. Mr. Gastby was Nick Carraway’s neighbor who lived in West Egg, and on the other side of the bay across from Nick Carraway’s house lived Nicks beautiful cousin Daisy with her husband, Tom Buchanan.

Why did Mr. Gastby throw these massive parties ? Everyone attended to enjoy beautiful Jazz music, champagne, the colored lights, saxophones and violins. Cornets and piccolos, and low and high drums.

Nick was also cut between dark secrets from almost everyone he knew Tom, Daisy, Gastby. Everyone believed the lies that had been told  and was written in the papers, but the only ones who knew the truth couldn’t speak as loud as the media and the rest swallowed the truth or ended  living in a cruel way.

“ was an extraordinary gift for hope, a romantic readiness such as I have never found in any other person which is not likely I shall ever find again. No – Gastby turned out all right at the end; it is what preyed on Gastby, what foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams that temporarily closed out my interest in the abortive sorrows and short-winded elation for men.”

One of the greatest novels from the 20th century, classic of American literature  following from the First World War. A must read for classic & romantic book readers.

Xo, Gely

P.s. I Still Love You

After finishing To All The Boys I’ve Love Before everything changed. What happened between Lara Jean and Peter? How about the last letter is it really gone? Or what about Margot and Josh? Yeah, when those questions hit you hard you know there’s a sequel coming. P.S. I Still Love You is the sequel to To All The Boys I’ve Love Before by Jenny Han.

I can’t give you much detail, but something or someone will be back and change everything. From innocent love letters to a secret crush confession Lara Jean has to choose between two guys. She didn’t expect to really fall in love with the guy who always ate the last pizza without asking a.k.a Peter. In this sequel we go back in time and read how things started, old memories will be brought up, Margot is back for Christmas, there will even be romantic dancing in the snow, a social media disaster, even more baking and an even sassier Kitty. Also the girls think it’s finally time for their dad to start dating, they make a profile on a dating site without him know that, how will this turn out? Something tells me there’s another book on its way because this story definitely didn’t feel finished.

P.S. I Still Love you by the one and only Jenny Han!

Xo, Gely

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

To All The Boys I've Loved BeforeFor my birthday (2 weeks ago) my mom got me this awesome book, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. I know my challenge was to read the bible more often, which I’m still doing (:

Anyway this book is about a girl named Lara Jean, she wrote letters to all the boys she loved before. But Of course she never send those letters, it’s a way of letting go; writing her feelings down as if it was meant to send, but those letters are for her eyes only. She keeps those letters in a tail hat box her mom gave her before she passed away. Until all her letters got send to all the boys she loved before. How is she going to survive this? It went from imaginary to totally messed up.

Personally I think every girl is related to this book some how, it’s more about how to deal with the fact you like some one and how much you like to bake cupcakes and delicious meals, family and the little things In life that can make you smile like; organizing your clothes weeks before school starts, reading a good book in the sun etc. Lara Jean goes through it all. I never laughed so many times about a book, I loved every bit of it. Some moments you could feel Lara Jean’s pain but also her happiness over the smallest things. Lara Jean Has two sisters, Katherine (Kitty) the youngest one and Margrot, the older one.

This book was written by Jenny Han and to all the girls who love to read a good love story, I would recommend; To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.


#3 |Paper Towns The Movie!

“My heart is really pounding,” I said.
“That’s how you know you’re having fun,” Margo said.”
– John Green, Paper Towns

I’m two days late for this and I’m sorry for that but here it is, the Paper Towns trailer and some cool pics!

Paper Towns will be in theater in The Netherlands on July 30th. (that’s to late for me!) To know when Paper Towns will be in your theater check out IMDB.

Xo, Gely

2# | Paper Towns The Movie!


“And I wanted to tell her that the pleasure for me wasn’t planning or doing or leaving; the pleasure was in seeing our strings cross and separate and then come back together.”
― John Green (Quentin Jacobsen), Paper Towns

First of all, thank you Jaimie because without you I wouldn’t even think about going on instagram to see if there was something new about Paper Towns the movie. I’m a HUGE fan and I’m so happy that this movie will be in all cinemas this summer! John Green will also be debuting the Paper Towns trailer live on-air on the Today show next Thursday 19th March. I just wanted to share this with all of you and the Paper Town fans; the Paper Towns poster! I hope you all like it as much as I do. Once again, I’m happy that my favorite book is going to be a movie (:

Don’t know what I’m writing about ? Read my previews posts about Paper Towns.

Xo, Gely

Paper Towns The Movie!

“Margo always loved mysteries. And in everything that came afterward, I could never stop thinking that maybe she loved mysteries so much that she became one.”

– Quentin jacobsen, Paper Towns

John Green has been posting pic’s on Instagram about the Paper Towns movie and I’m a huge fan! I couldn’t help it but I had to post this, If you don’t know what Paper Towns Is about, click here. I’m so exited, after I was done reading the book the only thing that I could think of (besides thinking about the book itself) was “There should be a movie!” And my dream came true haha. What do you Think of Paper Towns and witch book are you wishing to see in film? Comment bellow.

Xo, Gely

#2 The Fault in Our Stars


hey guys!

I’ve been to the fault in our stars yesterday and it was just like I imagined it !
I wrote a post about the fault in our stars a while ago, about the book and the movie trailer. So this post is just my reaction to this movie.

“I suck at writing good letters but this one is very special, at least to me. This movie brought tears and emotions, stories and thoughts. We saw a different perspective in life. I’m not going to write a whole story about how this movie touched our hearts. I just want to say that I love my friends for who they are and that God may lead them for a new start.”

It was amazing, really I never thought that some of my friends would cry but they did, others didn’t but they did felt it. That feeling of losing someone you love the most. They told me that they experienced something new and that this movie changed the way they looked at things. That made me happy but then I heard different stories from each one of them and they were all different, and because of this movie they let the emotions out that were bottled up inside for so long. Some about a father and others about cancer itself, I’m not going into details about their stories because it’s personal. This movie wasn’t about being sad, ore having cancer and not being able to breath, ore having no eyes or a leg. It was about two people falling in love in a world that’s so different from their few. It’s about that infinite moment with the one you love.  We cried, we laughed, we comment on some thing that reminded us of some friends, we stared  and laughed again and ended up crying, haha it was an amazing night  for sure and now I can finally say that this will be my favorite movie of all times!

ps: I’ve you’re going to watch this movie, bring tissues.

Xo, Gely


Wreck This Journal Everywhere

Another Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. A book full of tasks you must accomplish. You can pick anything you want, randomly. but you must do them all to complete the entire book. You can take this book with you everywhere, while your on your way to school, on a vacation an adventure or just travailing. Be creative and explore great cities with this new Wreck This Journal Everywhere. Draw, doodle and destroying pages on your way. This new book is very easy to put into your backpack ore your pocket ! Do the things you never thought you would ever do, and make changes. I own a black Wreck This Journal and I actually had fun with it, I never really accomplished all the tasks but i’m still working on it, I do not own a Wreck this Journal everywhere but I would love to. I recommend this book to everyone who loves to go outside and do random things! (:


Xo, Gely

Paper Towns

  Hey (:

I read this amazing book and it was just like The Fault In our Stars, an amazing book by the same author, John Green ! 
This book is about a boy, Quentin Jacobsen. Who had a crush on a girl named Margo Roth Spiegelman, since the very first day she became his neighbor when they were kids. They see each other every day at school but don’t talk anymore, They just smile at each other as a sign for a simple “hey”. Margo is popular and has allot of friends, Quentin is more of a geek with not much friends but at least 3 who love him enough to stick around. So when Margo decides to come back into his life through his window one night, she takes him to one of her wild, late night adventures. The next morning when Quentin goes to school to see how things would go between them after that night, she disappears. It was a typical Margo thing to do, she was known for running away and coming back after a few days. But after a few days when Margo didn’t return, Quentin knew that something was up so he decided to figure out on his own why she run away. He later found out that Margo left him some clues behind to find her. In this little adventure full of questions Quentin starts to wonder if this Margo is the same Margo he fell in love with years ago. The same Margo he saw walking in the hall ways every day. He starts to think that her disappearing has to do with something that happen when they were kids. While Quentin is searching for Margo he lands up in strange places with even more questions of who Margo really is. 
Was this a sick game to get attention, a joke to scare people, freak out her parent ? Or is there more of a story ? Who is Margo? A mysteries book about friendship, questions, fear and freedom. 
I would recommend this book to people who love mysteries and something they could learn from. For young and old!

Ps, John Green said on Twitter that There will be a movie about this book starring, Nat Wolf as Quentin Jacobsen on March 26 2014. This move will probably be in 2015 according to imbd

xo, Gely


The Fault in Our Stars

Hello beautiful people (:

I just needed to post this because I watched it like a thousand times !
I also read the book so I’m extra exited for this movie. 

“The fault in our stars” is an amazing book written by John Green. This book keeps you thinking, laugh, cry & love the characters even more.

I bought this book because my friends had it and it was all over tumblr so I thought: “it must be a good book.”  And it definitely is! 
It’s about a girl, Hazel Grace. She’s suffering from long cancer and doesn’t know what els to do than  watch ANTM. So her mother decides to send her to support group, where she meets a very interesting guy, Augustus Waters. They eventually fall in love and share a beautiful little infinity. In this little infinity they fall in love, meet new people and share thoughts about life. 
This book is all about love and how you see life. A must read for young & old, I would definitely recommend this book!
You can buy this book at every book store and it’s also a 1# New York Times best seller.  


xo, Gely