Useless Apps


God has no phone,but I talk to him.He has no Facebook,but He’s still my friend. He doesn’t have a Twitter,but I still follow him.

You know that feeling when you have a new smart phone and you can smell the opportunity to download useless apps to make it full again, just so you can complain afterwards.. Or is that just me?

The apps you download don’t have to be useless, especially not when you want to learn something new or enjoy some wisdom before you step outside your house, when you’re bored or getting tired of your friends (we all have those days). In this generation we have the opportunity to use our smartphones to connect with God, faster and easier.

The top 10 Christian apps that can be useful at anytime.

1. The Bible App

Our famous bible app, this app allows you to read the bible where ever you are, with our without WiFi. Translated in many languages and biblical translations. You can add your favorite bible verse in a picture and share it on all your social media accounts our even with your friends connected to the bible app itself! Read new bible plans that can help you connect to the word of God daily, and don’t forget to turn on your reminder.

2. BiOY ( Bible in One Year)

iconA testimony or a short story followed by encouraging words from the Old testament, new testament & proverbs. A daily experience that’s easy written and beautifully developed for Christians to understand the word and take it with them in their everyday life.

3. Air 1

unnamedYou may know Air 1 from some of their videos on YouTube where Christian musicians perform one of their latest songs. You’re daily doses of Christian music in one amazing radio app. What els can I say, from Hillsong United to Chris Tomlin, Moriah Peters and Lauren Daigle.

4. myKLove 

175x175bb-1Another Christian radio app, including a share wall to communicate with other Christians. Latest events and daily encouraging words from the scriptures. myKLove alowes you to enjoy the music, share your thoughts and help one another.

5. C3 Devotionals 

175x175bbI found this app while searching for apps similar to the Daily Devotional app. I love it, it was created by the C3 Brooklyn church in New York. For 92 days you get to see amazing pictures with beautiful devotionals written by Josh kelsey.

6. PureFlix

175x175bb-2Wait what? Yes, the Christian version of Netflix, from old biblical series to movies Like Gods not Dead and Old Fashioned. I don’t remember how I found out about this website/app but It gave me the great excuse to watch movies all day in the weekends.

7. Daily Devotion

Am I the only person who loves beautiful typographic pictures? I guess not because this  app was rated #1 highest crossing app in 18 countries. The first 30 days are free and for a small price you can get new devotionals for another 30 days or even a year.

8. Sith Roth: ISN

unnamed-1Amen for having those amazing Christian friends who share all their findings on the internet. Sith Roth: It’s supernatural is an app related to Sith Roth’s YouTube Channel. A talk show where Sith Roth talks about the supernatural with his guests. From God talking to you in your dreams and amazing testimonies from great pastors.

9. SheReadsTruth

Another Bible app, this app gives you the opportunity to connect with different woman all over the world to talk about the word of Jesu, devotionals and not to forget the word itself. If you think the SheReadsTruth app is amazing there is also a HeReadsTruth app for men.

10. Got Questions?

icon175x175Another lovely friend of mine recommended me this app. Got some burning questions that can’t leave your mind? Then Got questions gives you most of the answers to your questions! It’s translated in 17 different languages.

hopefully you got to learn something new, enjoyed some apps or got wisdom out of them. Before you step outside your house, when you were bored or got tired of your friends.

xo , Gely


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