#8| It’s kind of a funny story

She loved Art and poetry…

Leona, the girl with the latest clothes and designer bags, expensive make-up and shiny hair. Everybody thought she had it good, but what did they knew about her ?

Leona lived in a big house with her older brother Eliot and her dad, her dad was a business man and was most of the time out-of-town. Eliot was following their dads foot steps to money and success.

When Leona was 11 her mother passed away, the only woman who had her back when there was an argument at home, or the one that gave her fashion advice and told her bedtime stories. Leona was the kind of girl who loved art and poetry but nobody knew, the girl who loved to cook and vintage clothing, but her dad didn’t knew her that way. He wanted his daughter to look fabulous and rich so that he can say that he did it great as a single dad with two kids.

In high school the new kids always thought that she was a mean girl ready to talk trash. But the truth is she wasn’t, because there was more to it. She was kind and lovely, open to help people and ready to learn new things.

Leona always felt bad by wearing what her dad’s stylist bought her, it was too expensive or too red carpet like.

“Can I buy my own clothes and be who I want to be, because this isn’t who I am and you know that’s true” Leona said to her father. “All I want is for you to be happy, for you to look good and beautiful.” Leona knew her dad was trying hard but by changing her things won’t be solved.

This one day at school someone she knew but never had a long conversation with walked up to her, to ask her if is she wanted to hang out, Leona said yes and they had a very good time. “You wear expensive clothes, but you don’t act like a girl who has a lot of money so what is it with you?” Emily asked. “The truth is that I don’t even like these clothes, it makes me feel bad for those who have nothing. With my clothes you could give a homeless person a home, food and a pair of shoes.” And that’s when Emily told her about what was written in the bible:

Matthew 19:21 “Jesus said to him, “If you wish to be complete, go and sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.”

“Have you ever gone to church? In church we’re part of something, of someone; we are parts of Christ, he is the head and we are the other parts, we are united.” But being a part of the church also means that you’re committed, just like you’re committed in you’re marriage, you are active in the church and you know your place.

Flashbacks came back from the old days, the days when things were just okay, when Leona’s mom was still alive and the praising hours on Sunday mornings that made the church a home were Christians unite. It was all okay. Leona thought about going again, since her mom died they never went to church anymore.

“Can we go to church again” Leona asked to her father on a Saturday morning. He did not know where this was coming from. Thinking about this in Leona’s father perspective, he has been sacred to return. A man who is emotional, vulnerable and  cries, a man who humiliates himself in a crowed. before he met Leona’s mother he was lost in darkness, Leona’s beloved mother Stephanie gave him the hope and made him see, that life is nothing without God.

But what will his answer be after that question?

It’s kind of a funny story, but you’ll have to wait till next time.

xo, Gely


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