Lisbon | Wanderlust


“Enjoy every moment of your life while you’re still young” someone once told me. Many opportunities passed by and I almost let this one slip away too. Thank God I didn’t give up on a 4 days get-away. It was great; not thinking about anything but food and warmth for the next day as I woke up in a city where I could speak the langue of my parents.

x Monday 16:40 – Shiphol Airport 

Ready for take off, my second flight but also the first one without my mom. It was chaos, finding our seats but also not being completely satisfied with the people sitting next to us, everyone decided to switch when the seatbelt sign was off. Lucky for me I got to meet new people while everyone decided to switch.

Lisbon welcomed us with a beautiful sunset, which made it okay to wait another 20 min for our metro tickets to get to our hostel; Sunset Destination in Cais do Sodré. (And for a small group the Lost In Hostel)

As we settled in we had some time to explore the neighborhood and eat some food. The hostel where I stayed in had a beautiful rooftop with a bar, a small swimming pool and a small garden, it was the perfect place after exploring the neighborhood on our first day.

x Tuesday, Gare do Oriente – Teleférico – Castelo de São Jorge

It was 08:30 as we woke up in the morning to have our breakfast before leaving towards The Nations park (Parque das Nações) to enjoy a beautiful ride in the Teleférico cable car and enjoy the beautiful view over the river and the Vasco da Gama bridge. This cable car was intended for tourist purposes. Back to Gare do Oriente where we got out from the metro, we went to the mall; Vasco da Gama. But that wasn’t the end of our first day, now we walked through São Nicolau to get to the Castle of Sao Jorge (Castelo de São Jorge). The view was beautiful once again, it was amazing!

After our visit to the Castle of São Jorge we walked our way back to the hostels via the Praça do comércio, as we walked by the beach. Day 2 was complete but the night was still young full of incomplete  adventures. But what can I say there was a whole week to come with incomplete adventures to be completed.

x Wednesday, The ETI School & the worlds sexiest WC

The teachers thought it was fun for us to visit a graphic school nearby, don’t get more wrong I couldn’t wait to go! As we arrived they didn’t expect the number of students, that were ready to terrorize their classroom. Which meant that there weren’t enough computers for us to work on for our assignment; make a poster from the pictures you took in Bica. 

We went outside in groups to take pictures, in each group there where 2 Portuguese students. But honestly we were with too many students that it didn’t even matter in which group we were in because we ended up being in the same place as everyone els.

It rained for a while and then the teachers, including the one teacher from the ETI school decided to ditch us for some coffee. We should forgive them.. But that meant that we had some spare time before making our poster back at the school with the chaos of not having enough computers. And that’s when we found the world sexiest WC.  At the end of the day we made it, alive and hungry. Although it was messy it was fun to see students from a different country doing the same course as us.

x Thursday, Belém & Musei Coleção 

It was no surprise when we ended up in a museum, the art was beautiful and different from what I’ve already seen. After the museum we were starving and some of us decided to eat,  see the rest of the art exhibits and  other to explore the culture center.

My roomies and I decided to eat at the Este Oeste Pizza Sushi Café and It was good, it was all good. I was hoping for a real Portuguese dish but instead I order something with ham  and bread.

After our visit in Belém we went to the LX Factory in Alcântara. I expected more of it but there was a bookstore and everything was okay again! Almost every book was in Portuguese, some in French and a few in English. I searched the whole book store to find a prefect book for myself and one for my niece, instead of finding something for myself I only found something for my niece and her parents.

After a day of tourism with my fellow classmates we went our separate ways, meaning we decided to wander off with our separate gangs. Ending up in the Portuguese Lidl and once again being amazed by the low prices we did some grocery shopping for our tummy.

Later in the evening, our last night in Lisbon we wanted to make the best of it. After losing some things in Belém and wounds that needed fixing, going to the city and make some crazy photos was the best solution to avoid thinking about leaving the next day.

x Friday,  Aeroporto Humberto Delgado Lisboa 

Sad invisible tears, it was our last day and we had to pack up early and say goodbye to our hostel. But it wasn’t goodbye yet to Lisbon.

Paying a visit to my friends on the other side,  as they also packed their bags and took their time to progress it all. It took us a while to get up and leave as we regretted going late, but we’ll never regret seeing what we saw that very day. It was beautiful, I had never seen such view. It was like one of those moments when you can imagine  yourself dancing with your  husband in a ballroom with your beautiful ball gown dress, dancing around and feeling pretty, being happy and thankful. A view that was so bright and beautiful, so clear we will never regret entering this building; Panteão Nacional. It’s definitely a must-see for everyone!

xo, Gely


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