North Polar Bear

14712441_531289043737164_3483246604796821504_nThe warm days are over but there is no need to be sad about it, snowflakes are beautiful to enjoying from the inside of your house, in a cozy big sweater and a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate milk. The place you long for after a long day running through the streets. It’s getting colder and your fingers wont handle the cold anymore, but by wearing these fashionable leather gloves you will stay warm and fashionable dressed through the winter days and enjoy the snowflakes outdoors aswell.

North Polar Bear will give you that same cozy feeling when you’re sitting close to your window while enjoying your nice cup of tea or hot chocolate milk indoors. 

This brand came alive by combining minimalist designs approach, focussing on quality basics, with a whimsical interpretation of the seasons. With love for Urban outdoors with an appreciation for hand-made artisanal products; fashionable leather and lifestyle products came alive that combines perfectly with your outfit. 

Make sure you check out this wonderful online store and purchase the latest items for this winter!

“Est. 2016 in East London, North Polar Bear offers luxury leather accessories handmade in England and cold weather wear infused with the spirit of the urban outdoors. All leathers and furs are strictly secondary products of the farming industry.” – North Polar Bear


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xo, Gely


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