2# | Summer ’16 – Bucketlist


“Every Summer Has It’s Own Story”

  •  BBQ time!
  • SALE (Like every summer)
  • different ice cream flavor
  • Star gazing in the backyard
  • Work hard and earn money
  • Roller Skate Night
  • Find my style
  • Hug a stranger
  • Capture memories
  • Cotton candy at the carnival
  • Give a compliment to a stranger
  • Have a nice conversation with a stranger
  • That galaxy dress from Monki
  • Do something fun with Jaimie
  • Message Bottle
  • Helium balloons
  • Confess your ‘friendship-level’ love
  • Hang out with the oldies
  • Amsterdam
  • T-shirt update
  • Vampire Weekend – Contra (Album)
  • Rotterdam, Church
  • Lauren Daigle – How Can it be
  • Try an item I normally wouldn’t wear

It’s been a great summer, and I got to do most of the things on my summer 16′ bucket list. Lets walk through it.

The first week I immediately got the change to work, at KFC. Yes right I got to enjoy the fresh chicken, delicious burgers and amazing staff members. It was hard at first but worth it, not only got paid for having fun, I also got to bring home some experience and self-knowledge. I had to work almost everyday, but when I had a day off I tried a different Ice cream flavor; Watermelon and watched a movie in the backyard with my little brother (Think like a man) while also looking up to the open sky full of glowing stars, it was beautiful. And not to forget, Cotton candy at the carnival. But that wasn’t all, that was just the beginning.

While working at the KFC I had a nice conversation with a stranger. That worked out well, because I had no idea how I would talk  to a random person in the mall or something. The same work place but a different person; I complimented my colleague on her glasses and it made her really happy. I love what a simple compliment can do to a person. Since we are ‘writing’ about strangers, I got to hug a stranger at my aunts wedding this person was so sweet she just gave me a hug and I hugged her right back, check.

But what were you wearing that day on your aunts wedding? Glad you asked, that galaxy dress from Monki! I bought it the moment I saw the pink sale sticker and I was the happiest girl ever, that cashier even laughed when she saw my face. But the purchases was a month before summer, I just saved it for my aunts special day.

Still on the subject of spending money, I finally got my first salary and started to get really fashionable all of a sudden. Yes, It was then time for the SALE  (like every summer)because who doesn’t want to buy new clothes after working their butt off and feeling good about it. I bought several things, mostly t-shirts, a pair of Skyblue Oldskool Vans and the skirt of my dreams I always wanted. And that’s when I realised I found my style, sort of.

I like vintage clothing and my family sometimes tell me that if I was born in the 80’s I would fit in perfectly. I don’t see myself fitting in completely because my taste changes over the season. I describe my style as Gely, I am unique. There is no other label to give yourself than your own name. Unique might be a cliché because we almost dress the same, we choose our clothes based on Tumblr posts and magazines, but the way we decide to wear it with our own faces, body shapes & personality makes the way we dress (our style) unique.

A couple of scrolls up, you read about my cotton candy at the carnival. On that day I made a friend that I am seriously thankful for, we can talk for hours about God and what he has done in our lives, you know that moment when you are so happy with someone or something in your life that you can just cry tears of happiness? I had that and we confessed our friendship-level love, that I now would like to change in Confess your love to a sisters in Christ. 💕 

Moving on, As you figured I got the chance to hang out with my friends, the oldies. Unfortunately  not all of them because of work and other activities we had planned. So when nobody could hang out and I had another  day off, I starred on my t-shirt update, turning my white t-shirt from the H&M  into a Cry Baby printed shirt.

I think you’re a contra for not believing me when I write to you that this album made me make goofy  dance moves in the kitchen. My favorite track  on the Contra album by Vampire Weekend was ‘Holiday’, this album is really old and I never listened to Vampire Weekend until I heard one of theirs songs as a soundtrack in Paper Towns the movie.

So here we are, at the end of my summer. Ended it with a BBQ, Trying an item I normally wouldn’t wear and visited the church in Rotterdam. I wore a African printed dress, as they draw much attention I intend to avoid anything that turn heads into my direction to understand the colorful spot in a park full of people. Not to forget I captured some moments to look back at this summer as mission accomplished, but unfortunately not enough! (other pictures will be added to this post very soon!)

It was a great summer and I was really happy when I saw how much I did on my bucket list. Unfortunately I didn’t have the change to buy a helium balloon or make a message bottle, which were the 2 thing I really wanted to do at the end of the summer. But there is always next year if it’s Gods will.

I hope you guys also enjoyed your summer and made great memories, lots of love!


xo, Gely


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