Of Dirt and Grace (Live from the land)

9320428320513Hillsong United released a new album today, July 15th 2016 named: of Dirt and Grace (Live from land). 

We took Empires, and reimagined the songs on the very streets, hills, seas and mountains where their inspiration walked, talked and first established the Kingdom of Heaven… It’s a Visual Album, and I’d encourage you to see it as you hear it

Joel Houston


of Dirt and Grace (Live from the land) is a live recorded version of the album Empires and as bonus tracks 2 songs from the album Zion; Oceans (Where my feet may fail) and Scandal of Grace. And there is also one song from Hillsong Live; I Surrender. The songs on this new album were performed and filmed around various places in Israel and Lebanon to capture where the aforementioned events took place, just like other Biblically historical locations.

Prince of Peace was recorded Live in Israel from A Golan Heights Memorial Of War & By The Shining Lights of The Old City.

I honestly love this new album, Prince of Peace Live brought tears in my eyes just like the very first time I heard the studio version. This album can help people see and feel the meaning behind each song, Empires itself is a beautiful album; calm and encouraging. That they created  a live version of 12 songs from Empires that are so deep and captured in difrent places in Isreal and Lebanon, makes the message behind each song more powerfull.

xo, Gely

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