#2| EO-Jongeren dag ’16

IMG_9544This years theme was This Is Love. No matter if you’re down, feeling lonely or worthless. There is always someone who loves you more than your sins, fears or pain. His name is I Am, the alpha and omega; Our almighty God. He has great things prepared for you, you are never worthless.

This years EOJD was great, I honestly wanted to go because I wanted it to be a new tradition by going every year, though I found myself wanting to go for For King & Country. Besides For King & Country, the Beam-worship band was really good as well, I had a good time. Trinity came with its Spanish lyrics, Planetshakers well, made us shake away our shame to dance like complete fools and  LZ7 ended the night with a bang.

This year I went by train en met up with my step dad and little brother at the train station in Arnhem (it was freakishly hot, I wore black pants and brought a jacket!..), as we headed to the buses to go to EOJD we got these cute bracelets. We didn’t do much this year, I bought this amazing t-shirt with “Enjoy Jesus Christ thou shalt never thirst” on it , got a free bag and signed up to win a trip to somewhere in Africa to volunteer for summer 2017! We also got cotton candy and because I at too much sugary snacks that day, I fell a sleep as soon as my head touched my soft pillow.

To be really honest, I thought last year was more fun but that’s because It was my first time. I was just glad that this year I got to enjoy how many teens were exited to praise the lord, yelling in the over-full train of Christians, that was literally full of Christians I am not exaggerating. I didn’t have the courage to talk to any of them, I really wish I did, maybe next year though. I also hope that some of you went as well and had a really good time, that hopefully you walked out of that stadium with a changed heart!


xo, Gely


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