Dear Future Husband

Dear future husband,

I love you.

I’ve been thinking about how we met

I get all exited when I see cute colors all over the place, I hope you don’t mind that I get all jumpy because of this.

Do you indie pop music and do you have any brothers or sisters ? Dear future husband it’s kind of crazy but I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, I hope to meet you in church or in a book store one day. You make me happy without even knowing you’re doing so, you make me go sane even though I haven’t met you yet.

I like your smile already, the way your eyes sparkle when I’m  around. The way you praise the lord and thank him every day, the way you talk about Jesus. I am amazed.

I never thought to meet a man like you, so nice, so patient and full of truth. You’re there when I need you the most and you’re there when I’m ready for an adventure, so close. We make crazy adventures, we share crazy thoughts, we are different and at the same time so much a-like. I understand why God put you in my life, you are just right.

When you get to your knees and ask me to come close and do the same to pray, I melt because you want me to understand. You want me to stay focused and pay attention to who’s really important. Or when you read me the bible before we go to sleep and we start our arguments on what we think. Sometimes you work allot but that’s okay, because God is taking care of our hearts, it’s not much about us but the holly spirit working through us, you are still the most precious person in my life.

You are into clichés; buying me roses and telling me how much you love me.We speak the same langues and you like pepperoni pizza, I’m not sure if you like Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream because you always complain about eating too much sugar. In the weekends when we finally have some time to rest our bones, you like to see me bake banana pancakes, reaching for the cabinet on my tiny toes. Your smile is just amazing, you light up my world. Did I mention when  you purposed? It was wonderful!

xo, Gely


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