Hillsong United – Say The Word

“Say the word and there is light, say the word and dead bones rise. Every start and end hangs on your voice, for Your word never returns void.”

Do you ever just listen to music and get the chills, you haven’t heard the  lyrics yet but something powerful has come over you. Love screaming out the speakers, every emotion was triggered.

I imagine the skies when I listen to this song, the beautiful stars glisten and the night supporting their shine. This song means so much to me because, no matter how many times I listen to the lyrics I get the chills, even before I started listing and didn’t knew the words. I felt an indescribable feeling.

“…Hanging on every word that You’ve spoken, and it will not be shaken. Clinging for life to all Your promise.” 

A promise made before we started living, and once we leave everything behind and start trusting in his promise, it is something life changing. We have to hang on and believe and trust in Gods work.

  • Album: Empire 
  • Released: 26 May 2015
  • Label: Hillsong, Sparrow, Capital CMG

Xo, Gely


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