#4 |Paper Towns The Movie

“As Long As We Don’t Die, This Is Gonna Be One Hell Of A Story.”

– John Green, Paper Towns

I was very lucky to see Paper Towns in theater, because I almost couldn’t!

It was still a good movie though and the producers did a great job! It was funny and romantic, everything about this movie was about first time doing things. I loved Radar even more after seeing the movie, he’s so nerdy and sweet, Ben was less sexist in the movie than in the book, he’s the kind of friend you want to have around when you need a good laugh, Quintin was super cute, being shy and all of a sudden extra confident. And Margo well Margo is a paper girl for a paper town. Their friendship is special, it’s that kind of friendships you can look back to and think about the wicked things you’ve done in high school.  We see Quintin grow into a more confident person after his special night with Margo. We see Chuck Parson get punished for  what he’d done in a less painful way than I imagined, Lacy’s car getting wrapped up in foil and we see Margo’s ex run naked across the street.

First road trip, almost dying, prom, first party, weird drunk Ben, love and singing the Pokemon while being scared. The characters were amazing! The directors of Paper Towns made sure your high school memories were placed in this movie, for you to remember that life is short and friendships is more valuable than gold. You should enjoy every single moment of your life, let your heart beat faster and do things out of your little comfort zone.

I loved to see the black Santa’s in Radars house! I really thought there would be more and I was hoping that Angela could seen them.

There had been some changes that really upset me, because Margo and Quintin didn’t go to Sea World (seriously!??) and that almost made me cry. But it was friendship/doing things for the last or the first time  kind of movie, which I adore but this one was special because we see self growth, acceptance, friendship and love. I had been waiting for this movie ever since I finished the book, and I must say besides the changes it was a wonderful movie!

Xo, Gely


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