Dear lady With The Pink Bow

Dear lady with the pink bow,

You love pink as much as you love baby blue, mixing colors is your favorite thing to do. I admire your work but you’re really lazy when it comes to doing homework. You’re different from the rest, as everyone is unique you made a little plot twist. People think you’re weird because you have this secret love for dolls and you reveal it sometimes without knowing your being exposed, which makes me think of Aria from Pretty Little Liars but I’m not writing this to compare you to other artists.

You paint with pictures that aren’t even yours, you collect them and re-blog them on that one thing called Tumblr, you just love it and it shows who you really are. Sometimes soft, crazy, mysterious but also hard to read. Lady with the pink bow, you love odd things you can’t work with, like a pencil because you’re too scared to draw the world and afraid that people would judge you for your work. I noticed that things changed in the past few moths because you started to realize who you truly are. Don’t be afraid to pick up your Polaroid 600, and take pictures like no other. Because we learn from our mistakes even when they coast money, your work is timeless and goes from the 60’s to the 90’s, back and fort with a touch of modern tones. I heard that people still ask why you love old things, and to be honest I guess it’s because you’re scared for new things, you rather hold on to your memories instead of making to many new ones and forget the oldies.

People find it hard to read you, you’re not an easy person to talk to. You’re quiet in a packed room full of strangers and you barely start a conversation, even when it’s just 4 people sitting on the same table. If they want to know you a little they have to spend at least one week with you to know your favorite sweaters. Your taste in music and tea with a good book, sunsets and cartoons, movies and clothes. Why do you make it so hard for us to get to know you, it’s like talking to a wall that only cracks open when the right kind  of sunlight hits the perfect spot. But lady with the pink bow, it was nice to visit and chat over a cup of tea because after a week it was all worth it, it was really nice to get to know you.

Xo, Gely


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