The wayfaring Stranger 

Walking through the world and not remembering a simple caring giveaway. You pass people daily and you never know what they’re facing, watching those commercials on TV and wondering if you should donate, but then you think and ask yourself if that money will ever get there for the help those people need. A hobo asking you for money and you ignore the 1 dollar, euro, pound or whatever you got  in your pocket because you rather do it yourself instead of people asking you in real life. My pastor once said you should think about whether you’re giving this person money or you do what’s best, what’s best?

“I’m sorry to bother you like this, but can you girls buy one of my cards? I’m trying to save up some money to buy an air bed for my girlfriend.” He said to us, unfortunately we; my friends and I did not know his name, but they did see him a lot more and knew him allot better  since I didn’t live in the city I go to school.  

I gave him money out of hesitation, I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. As the plan grew bigger from some money to buying a full bag of food I once again did not  feel sure about our action. It wasn’t even my plan, but it felt like it would’ve been rude of me not to buy at least something. Leaving the store with food, a flat tire on our way we walked back to the place we met him to give him to food we bought for him. I thought that would be it, I thought: “I don’t know this man and I have never seen him before, fulfilling an act of kindness with not being sure about it, where does that leave me ?” We followed him to I don’t know, the end of the city where he was living with his girlfriend across the mesh under a bridge. And that’s when my tears fell on the hot ground, it wasn’t much as cold as it wast hot outside but I knew they were not quite enjoying it. His girlfriend was crying tears of joy when she saw the bag of food and I cried with her, one feet away because I didn’t want them to see me cry actually. Without noticing I turned my back and cried louder, and the man whom’s name we did not know hugged me. We talked a little and his girlfriend was complaining about not handling one more day outside, her boyfriend; the man was positive and was sure that they will get out there alive and healthy. Before leaving I told his girlfriend quietly that I WILL pray for them and God knows what they are going through, he will heal her and save her. I will asked God to forgive them for what they may have done and that God will give them strength and power.

When we left they both thanked us and the man said to me: “Thank you, in that moment when you cried we shared something and many people in this world don’t have a good heart as you do.”

Leaving the couple alone and walking back to the one bike we had left,  we tried to cycle back to the city with one person in the front, one in the middle cycling (me) and the other in the back. Writing it like this and it sounds as if we’re driving a car but you know what I mean. Now what’s right? I got home and thought about it, was what I did good because when I left I did feel great, because when God leads you somewhere I guess you should just follow and see where he leads you. This man walked through the whole city to get what he wanted just to survive the days to get what he truly wants; a home. So I guess that’s why he’s a wayfaring stranger to me, but was It still right from me to do what I did that day? And let’s say God works in mysteries ways.


Xo, Gely


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