EO-Jongerendag ’15

 I got a lot of catching up to do on posting some post but first things first, EO-Jongerendag! In a full stadium  with Christians my age, I never been more happy and praised to lord as I did that day with lots of people surrounding me.

There were lots of things to do outside, around the stadium; play games, climb, sing on stage, talk and pray, buy CD’s etc. And then at 13:30, when we finally found our seats it was show time!

EO-Jongerendag was amazing! It started out with counting down, people were dancing on the different stages and someone was rapping  a song. While dancing and rapping,
Eric Samuel Tim; Artists, author and orator was painting something beautiful on a canvas.

Royal Tailor was great for their first time in Holland, not much people knew who they were but what counts is that we jumped and danced, celebrating Gods love. Draw The Parade, Switchfoot and Hillsong Young and Free were also there. I did not know Draw the parade and it was the first time I heard of them, they were kind of cool (their lead singer is actually cute). Their music gave me a circus feeling as if life was a huge event, were you follow people to the destination were Jesus will be waiting for you and while your own your way you get to celebrate and be crazy.  But when you finally arrive that’s when the party will starting for real! Switchfoot sure knows what rock music is, I didn’t like the first songs but when Jon Foreman went of stage, he sang some beautiful songs that made me sit quiet and listen and move to the rhythm.

And then there was a break and there wasn’t much I could do from where we were, and my mom didn’t want to lose my so my little brother and I got our free Beam sweater and later I decided to get Royal Tailor’s signature! And I got it muhaha (excuse my weirdness) I only got three but that’s okay I’m happy though, isn’t Tauren cute? Okay back to the subject.


Hillsong Young & Free ended the day with a bang! I was so happy to see them and I had this big fat smile after the show because of them. Their worship songs really hit me and there was one in specific I didn’t know but loved so much; End of Days. the lyrics “I will sing until my voice won’t let me” made cry tears of happiness, I may be a rookie singer but I sure won’t stop when I’m signing for our God. Between the performances of Switchfoot and Hillsong Young & Free, it was Eric Samuels Timm’s turn to speak, he was talking about an umbrella. That God may be out umbrella in every situation. Did I also mention the Beam-worship band!? My mom seriously was happy to hear some familiar songs  and they were definitely great!

I enjoyed every bit of E0-Jongerendag , I could write every detail but I guess you could also see it for yourself! I left some details out because it was literally  to much, If some of you were there I hope you had fun and if you were not, hopefully you’ll be there next year and If not you could always watch it online! unfortunately I couldn’t find the second half of the show were Switchfoot, Eric Samuel Timm, Beam-worship band and Hillsong Young & Free were on stage only parts of them. I’m so sorry I wish you guys could see it to, but as soon as I find it I will add it to this post.

Xo, Gely


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