Paris | Wanderlust

It was so beautiful and I can’t even believe that I survived the day, we walked and walked. With we I mean with school finally a school trip). Even though my feet was hurting so bad, I was craving for the beautiful places and making memories. We also went by metro which was my first time , I even saved the tickets we used to remember the human traffic while running in and out. This was my second visit in Paris, the difference from now and then is that I’m older and I could walk through the city and explore.

Finallyarriving in Paris we stopped in La Defense, searching for some stores and we finally found the H&M, but our time was up so we had to go  back to our meeting spot (sad face for not buying anything).Taking the metro  to the Eiffel tower,  I ate a delicious pancake with Nutella, we took pictures and we even bought cute bracelets that were referred as a beautiful memory from Paris, Hakuna Matatta. The man who sold us the bracelets  really convinced me, and I do feel like it’s a beautiful memory from Paris.

After seeing the Eiffel tower the teachers tortured us by walking one heck of a way via Quartier Latin and the beautiful Arc de Triompe to I-don’t-know-the-name-of-that-place-so-i’m-very-sorry! Arriving to I-don’t-know-the-name-of-that-place-so-i’m-very-sorry (If you know please comment bellow) we divided in 2 groups, one group to see a hotel and the bridge with the love locks and the other group went to the Louvre, and I wanted to go the Louvre. Taking the metro once again and arriving at the Louvre, we heard it was closed! As a sad toddler whose ice cream fell, we decided to make the best of it, have some Starbucks and hang around.

Arriving in Centre Pompidou we got 2,5 hours to enjoy Paris and shop until we drop! But unfortunately I didn’t buy anything,  besides food and some glasses It thought were very cool! There was also a super cute store were they sold Dr. Martens, I was dying to take some pictures but the shop owner was looking at me like “are you going to but something or what?”

After Centre Pompidou we thought it was over, it was late and everyone was tired. No, the teachers saved the most beautiful part for the almost-end , Scacre Coer. Walked up on some stairs with pain, we reached the top and I never seen anything like that before, I almost cried because it was so beautiful. God knew what he was doing when he made earth, we saw the sun set and everyone was sitting on the stairs enjoying the perfect ‘not to cold and not to hot’ weather, listing to people play the guitar and sing songs.

With all the beauty surrounding us I noticed something. It wasn’t like here in Holland, people were almost begging for you to pay whatever they were selling, some were aggressive others were kind and some were just begging with their eyes but still smiling. God knows what they’re going through, it made me think of that one Christmas story about a girl who had to sell candles. I really don’t know if they had it rough but from the look of it what do we know? Just because they wore Nikes doesn’t make them rich or have money. There was this one specific guy that made wonder; what are you going through? I wish I went over and talked to him, I don’t know Paris and or if people are really faking being poor to earn money. God only knows.

Later on we walked around and I bought two drawings I thought were very beautiful, once again I wanted to take pictures of the store but some shop owners don’t like it when you take pictures of their paintings.

Ending the day with a last glance at the Eiffel tower and enjoying the flickering lights, we took off in our half sleeping half fighting bus back home around midnight.
Believe me when I write that I had to research all the places we been to because I did not remember them, at all. And after I knew that  Paris was the city of love, because of the beautiful things in and surrounding it.

Xo, Gely



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