#3| It’s Kind Of a Funny Story

She never gave up on her dream..tumblr_nmfsq3Gb7X1sg2aiqo1_500

Stephanie had a dream, she wanted to travel the world one day or at least go to some awesome places. She worked so hard to get the money she needed, studied twice as hard to get a great diploma and believed in God ten times harder than everything and everyone she ever believed in. She was the kind of girl who read books about cities like no other, researched the bible word by word and prayed for more power to get through this world.

Stephanie once told everyone that she wanted to go to London really bad. Visite great museums and meet new people, she always loved to meet new people so that she could talk about God and his great work, how much he did for her and her family after really rough but also happy moments. Stephanie had to take care of her mother because she was very sick, her dad worked full-time to pay the bills. Stephanie never gave up, she worked so hard for her mom as well as she worked for her dream there were days when she felt like giving up and when those days came she turned to God. She dropped everything and focussed on God and God only, no books about cities, no daydreams about where to go, just God. After graduation she decided not to go to college and work for her family and dream.

2 Chronicles 15:7: “But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”

“Why are you still so obsessed with this bible and travel things, you’re never going to those places and that God may not even be real”. Stephanie never understood why people said that, they didn’t know God and they didn’t know her dream. “Maybe you should ask yourself why you quit your dream and you’re so against my believe”. Is what  Stephanie said every time someone asked her that.

Finally after babysitting, working at Forever 21, tutoring and doing a paper round for years she managed to get so much money that she could travel to some amazing places. Her mom got better and her parents were so proud and thankful for what she had done, “It was God who made you better not me, it was God who made us stronger not me. I only prayed and asked for a helping hand but God, he did everything”, said Stephanie . With the money Stephanie saved for her dream she went to London, Paris,  Amsterdam, Tokyo and Sydney the 5 destinations she was dying to explore. She met new people on her way and told about God, about how he gave up his only son just for us, how he loves us, how he’s protecting us, how he is still watching us and guiding. Everyone was quiet when they heard about Stephanie, “Is it real? Did you really got enough money to pursue your dream? This God, can you tell us more about him? How did this happened?”

Proverbs 16:3: Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.”

Believe, that’s what happened. Stephanie never gave up on her dream after everything that happened and when she looks back, it’s kind of a funny story because after hard work and doing her part her mother healed slowly and Stephanie got to live her dream. All that happened through faith and believe.

Xo, Gely


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