What To Pack For EO-Jongerendag ?

EO-Jongerendag is a christian event in The Netherlands, of course everyone is welcome not just Christians though. EO-Jongerendag takes place in Arnhem, once a year around summer we get to see christian bands, play funny games, worship, meet new people and have fun, and not to forget praise the one this big event is all for. Our God.

Let’s see, this isn’t just an event. It is going to be spectacular and not like anything you’ve ever seen.. so what are we going to bring?

  1. Bring all the energy you have! I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun with all that jumping and screaming, haha.
  2. Hope, bring hope it’s a good thing. Hope that after the show you’ll go home with a changing heart full of faith and love.
  3. Your bible, I don’t thing you should just bring it because of a Christian event. Your bible is a very important weapon to defied the evil.
  4.  A camera to capture every beautiful moment. (A smartphone is also an option)
  5. Comfy clothes, like sneakers instead of sandals and a loose shirt in case you get sweaty.
  6. A backpack or a simple shopper bag to put all your stuff in it.
  7. Food, I bet the food there is kind of expensive so it is always important to bring some snacks with you, and don’t forget your water.
  8. A notebook, maybe it’s just me but I always bring my notebook with me no matter where I go. It’ll be useful to write down the phone numbers of the people you met and or signatures from your favorite band. (:
  9. Your knowledge of every song so you can sing along haha, so study the bands before you go!
  10. Company, bring a friend or a family member because this event will touch hearts, I’m pretty sure!

I am so exited to go, this will be my first time (finally)  and I couldn’t be happier.  God bless you all and I hope some of you are also coming to this awesome event.

Xo, Gely


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