Blank paper

Tumblr is technically just a website where you can place and re-blog photo’s, gifs, texts, videos, quotes, and chats. But I love it, I wonder how it’s even possible to love a simple page with photos of people you don’t know, funny videos or beautiful quotes. Nowadays we make a competition out of everything but the truth is we just want to win and get it over with, be the best. No that’s not right, the other likes that and the other one likes this. She has over 800 followers and he has just 230, does it matter who views your Tumblr or follows back? No, because that isn’t what Tumblr or anything else is for or about. We can make art and be simple, we can just love without getting something back for it, we can just write without people liking it and we can just smile without an actually funny thing to laugh about. The point is that we should be happy with what we got and who we are, even if people don’t notice it immediately. Our God made us all differently and because of that we can act differently, we can be our simple self’s and make the best of it.

Tumblr is just a simple website with pictures, videos, gifs, texts and quotes on it. You can compare it to a white blank world that gets colored because of the happiness and love God gave and is giving to us. Isn’t that beautiful? So I guess the reason to love a simple page with stuff on it, is because we can just let out what we think and feel is beautiful and perfect. What do you think about Tumblr and competing with each other? Feel free to comment below. (:  

Xo, Gely


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