Good Heart

Someone once told me I have a good heart and that made my day, I couldn’t stop thinking about those two words ever since. “Good heart” is what I kept repeating in my head “good heart.” I never thought of myself as being a person with a good heart, I never thought about being good or bad, mean or nice. I just thought of myself as being that one girl who does not know what she is doing but still loves every bit of it, and when she’s down she ignores it but still let it affect her sometimes. It’s weird when people say something about you when you haven’t even thought about it personally, maybe you caught yourself thinking about it and just ignored the facts that it could be true somehow. This person who told me that I have a good heart asked me: “You have good heart or you’re just in love, are you in love ? It must be that guy, isn’t it ?” I don’t think that I ever really fell in love with someone in the way that I fell in love with pizza or the new books I bought from time to time, funny that she actually thinks that I’m in love.


Maybe I am, maybe I am in love because sometimes I smile like an idiot for no reason, laugh over the pointless stuff and sing every song that comes to mind. For what?  If I think about all of this I mind as well say that I’m in love with life, It’s so beautiful and scary at the same time, some ups and downs but eventually it will be okay. That’s why we call it a roller coaster, and by this sentence, I can only hear Augustus Waters say:

“I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up my friend.”

book girls

Then again, someone once told me: “You’re the kind of girl people read books about.” I didn’t know what to say when I think of the kind of girl you read in books I see a fictional figure daydreaming about everything. About how life is going to be after high school, the wedding dress she’s going to wear. The boy she’s going to marry or how she wants to name her kids. I never thought of myself as that girl, this thought has been running through my head ever since my friend send me this. After thinking I came to the realization that I am this girl (aren’t we all ?), I just don’t see myself as an interesting character to read about, that’s why I never really thought about it until now. I thought that if you were named the kind of girl people read books about, you should be interesting with a passion or special talent or something. Well, We all have a special talent but we just don’t appreciate it as much as we should.

1 Peter 4:10

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”


It might be great or small in our eyes but it means everything to God because he gave it to us. At the end we were all written in the book of love anyway, because God loved us before we were born and knew exactly how we would turn out to be, just keep in mind that maybe some people may not consider you interesting, God always will. “He is the author of our story.”
Both these girls who made me think about all of this are sisters with a good heart, beautiful voice, fantastic dance moves and a fantastic love for God. I am grateful for having them in my life!

Xo, Gely


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