Music: Funny

“Everything you ever wanted got you tied up in chains
Be careful how you play the game.”

– Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly.. This girl is so talented and real, I can’t even describe how wonderful she is!  There should be more singers like Tori Kelly who sing about the truth, real love stories and about the wonderful things in life. The first song I ever heard from Tori was “All in My Head” and I found it on Tumblr, I fell in love with the song and it was completely true! Everything she sang, it was like reading the diary of a teenage girl  who’s writing about her crush. Ever since I found her on Tumblr I’ve been listing to her songs and waiting for something new and that everyone would finally know who this girl is. I would say that 2014 is her lucky year, after her song “Silent” (the soundtrack from “The Giver.”) was released in August 7, 2014 she stole my heart once again with her beautiful voice. 2 Months later she released this song named “Funny” that was released in October 22, 2014. Listen for yourself and tell me what you think of this song in the comments bellow.

Xo, Gely


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