Dear Pretty Fantastic Girl..

Dear, pretty fantastic girl

I once named you “Pretty-much-fantastic-and-amazing-girl” in one of my posts but It was to long so I shorten it to “Pretty-fantasic-girl.”

You know that I’m sorry for leaving you but you gave me no choice, it was like I was still trapped in our past lives before the trouble started to happen. I’m hoping you’re doing fine and, to be honest, I think that it was a good thing that I left, you didn’t need me I guess. I’ve been there for you in our past lives and now there are other people standing by your side in your present life. You changed I’ve heard, and you’re nothing like that girl I used to know. We still love the same music but we were always kind of different, forgive me if I’m writing something that isn’t true, after all, I don’t know you anymore. We never know people completely until we stand into each other’s shoes. I hope you’re not mad at me you deserve the best! You’re a funny and smart girl and that will never go to waste, I hope that your new friends are treating you well and respectful because you deserve whatever makes you happy. I’ve heard about them too, they are really nice and they like the same things that you like as well.

Remember that guy you liked and we used to stalk him for fun and hide in the bathroom in high school? Haha, or that one time in middle school that we got in trouble because we played football in class when everyone was at PE and we hit the ceiling. Or that other time that we also stayed at school and you watched scary videos on YouTube with our classmate, and when we went out side for recess I scared you so bad that you almost fell down and we couldn’t stop laughing.
Maybe we never missed each other but the memories we made, we were better off making adventures instead of actually being “best friends.” I also want you to know that I will be there when you need me, we may not be close but I still care and after all, I want to tell you that you “My pretty fantastic girl” we had some great adventures and I will always remember those, Dear Pretty-much-fantastic-and-amazing-girl you were a blessing.

Xo, Gely


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