Some people may like the Idea of pumpkins and Halloween, trick or treat or scary horror movies. I like the idea of autumn leaves, sweaters, scarfs, movie marathons and the sun rise around 6 or 7 in the morning. The fact that I’m even able to see those in the morning makes me smile and feel blessed. Some people can not see those because they might have fallen asleep or couldn’t wake up in time to see the sun rise, sky high. I love the idea of drinking tea while reading a good book or watch cartoons and TV shows. Autumn is one of the most relaxing seasons of the year, you can stand still and see everything fall into place. Quiet but still lovely and beautiful. The falling autumn leaves that change into different colors and the rainy days, maybe I like the idea of autumn in my head along with all my other imaginations, maybe I’m just happy because autumn brings the geek of reading a lot of different books and mysteries out of me. Maybe I just love autumn so much that it brings the good out of myself.

Xo, Gely


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