#2 | Summer ’14 – Bucketlist

  • Visit some new places
  • Go to a wonderful city
  • Take Polaroid pictures
  • Movie marathon with popcorn!
  • Campfire in my backyard (with marshmallows of course)
  • Sleepovers
  • connect with God and count my blessings 
  • Rollerskating (if I can find a place)
  • Go to Madam Tussaud in Amsterdam 
  • Catching up with old friends
  • Trying do something new
  • Being able to do something out of my comforter zone
  • Read a new John Green book
  • Learn something new 

Summer ’14 is over and I’m a week late with posting something new for the end of this summer and I’m really sorry about that!

My summer was fantastic! I have been to Amsterdam (twice), Utrecht, Tilburg, The Hague, Maastricht, and Eindhoven. I’ve been planning to make a mini tour through The Netherlands in the past 2 years and I finally got to do it with one of my best friends. My mother decided to let me go this year so that I could be more responsible and learn to be in a big city on my own, and I loved it so much!

I completed almost everything on my Summer ’14 – Bucketlist. 

My Aunt and uncle stayed over this whole summer so we decided to have a campfire in the backyard with marshmallows and weird enough some chicken

I connected with God this summer, I was really sad and I always thought that if I did something it was wrong anyway so I prayed to God and listen to Hillsong Young & Free and Gracious Tempest became my favorite song of all times!

I couldn’t do the most fun thing on my bucket-list and that was roller skating! I was upset at first but at least I went to a store in The Hague where they sell roller skates, long boards, penny boards and all kinds of stuff to use on a sunny day. I was so in love that I kept repeating “I’m in heaven” a woman in the store heard me and asked me: “I hear your in some kind of candy store hu?” and started laughing.

In my last week of summer I danced in front of people, haha and I can’t even dance, the youngest brother of my brother in law taught me to dance the kizomba, and so we both danced at my sisters engagement party (he practically forced me) and I had fun, I really did. I also learned the meaning of love, forgiveness, and family this summer.

Too bad it is all had to end at some point but I’m also happy to back at school and see my other friends again!

So what did you do this Summer and have you learned something new?

Xo, Gely



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