Dear Gely..

I always wanted to write a letter for myself that I can look back too and say that I’m proud on whatever I achieved what was in that letter. I never did it so this amazing girl from London (Trust Sinach)  inspired me to finally write a letter to myself today. 

Dear Gely, 

If you read this I want you to know that I’m proud of you on whatever you achieved, you became a good writer by finally taking some writing classes or something, and you became a pretty good piano player and singer because you always wanted to take classes but was afraid and felt pressured for some reason. I’m here to tell you that you became very successful in your own way, not successful as rich with allot of money, but successful in growing into someone you always been but just  discovered it in those past years. And you have allot more confidence then before. You been to London and to almost all the places you ever wanted to go. You made friends on your own, you’re working harder  then before and your faith became stronger and stronger. Girl I’m very proud of you, see dreams really do come true !

You became spontaneous and more creative, you’re doing more of what you love instead of thinking: “ugh, whatever It will never be as great and beautiful as I imagined it.”  You finally went on a date, well that took forever but you did it! and guess what this guy you went on a date with liked you back so don’t worry. You started to communicate more often with your old friends, because for some reason something  came into your brain to finally take a risk!

There isn’t allot that I can tell you  because you have to find it out for yourself lol. See you soon my younger self!

xo, Future Gely


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