“Latest street fashion online”

Sometimes I search for random stuff on the internet and this time I searched for a site where I could buy cute street fashion. And I found a Dutch blog (Teskuh.nlwith all kinds of online stores like: Forever 21, Asos, boohoo and others, and then I saw this AMAZING online shop called Romwe

Romwe is created in 2009 by April Xie and David Lee. They went from a vintage shop to a high street fashion online shop, they offer over 100 brands and of course their own label line with woman’s clothes, shoes, accessories and many other things. There are also new clothes, every day ! You may seen some of those clothes at Vogue UK and ELLE UK, but don’t worry those items aren’t that expensive !

And here is the good news for all the fashion bloggers !

If you’re a full time fashion blogger with your own style and a great teats of fashion, you can join their bloggers club. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 20 you can just simply be a member of their club, but you must be available at all times. Romwe believes that there are many talented young designers in this world with a dream of becoming known for their great sens of style. And because of that Romwe has a design team that will make your dreams come true as long as your design ideas are fabulous then they defiantly need you !

Xo, Gely



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