#2 The Fault in Our Stars


hey guys!

I’ve been to the fault in our stars yesterday and it was just like I imagined it !
I wrote a post about the fault in our stars a while ago, about the book and the movie trailer. So this post is just my reaction to this movie.

“I suck at writing good letters but this one is very special, at least to me. This movie brought tears and emotions, stories and thoughts. We saw a different perspective in life. I’m not going to write a whole story about how this movie touched our hearts. I just want to say that I love my friends for who they are and that God may lead them for a new start.”

It was amazing, really I never thought that some of my friends would cry but they did, others didn’t but they did felt it. That feeling of losing someone you love the most. They told me that they experienced something new and that this movie changed the way they looked at things. That made me happy but then I heard different stories from each one of them and they were all different, and because of this movie they let the emotions out that were bottled up inside for so long. Some about a father and others about cancer itself, I’m not going into details about their stories because it’s personal. This movie wasn’t about being sad, ore having cancer and not being able to breath, ore having no eyes or a leg. It was about two people falling in love in a world that’s so different from their few. It’s about that infinite moment with the one you love.  We cried, we laughed, we comment on some thing that reminded us of some friends, we stared  and laughed again and ended up crying, haha it was an amazing night  for sure and now I can finally say that this will be my favorite movie of all times!

ps: I’ve you’re going to watch this movie, bring tissues.

Xo, Gely



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