Moxi Rollerskates

Moxi Rollerskates

I wanted these roller skates so badly but I never knew where to find them and I think that they’re really cute and fun to use. I’m obsessed with the beautiful colors and the difference about it. No one uses them anymore I guess, at least not where I live. We use inline skates, I used to have one but something broke so I couldn’t use it anymore and I really loved to just skate around my neighborhood when I was bored or when it was hot outside and I felt like skating around. But with roller skates, well. I think that they are amazing ! So different and fun, I just love them! I never used them before though, but I’d like to give It a try. These Moxi Roller Skates are really expensive, but there are also cheaper ones called Rookie Roller Skates I found on UrbanOutfitters (I don’t know if they still have them). I don’t own one, but I’m thinking about buying a pair of roller skates some day in the future. Tell me what you think about roller skates, and If you have a pair be free to send a photo if you like (:

Xo, Gely


3 thoughts on “Moxi Rollerskates

  1. Pigeon from the Moxi Skate Shop says:

    Thanks for the post! Moxi Roller Skates are SOOO popular, but it took a while to catch on so keep your eyes out! We sell for $320 and ship them to Europe for $80 so if you guys want a deal it is $400 US Dollars through the Moxi Skate Shop in Long Beach. Just send an email to to place an order or to ask a bunch of questions about the skates!

  2. eridania says:

    I think they are so cute and I want one so bad =(( but they don’t have the shop were I live and it is to much money and my mom cant pay for it but I really want one I am so sad because I think they wood be so cute for the summer to play with my friends because all of my friends have it and I really want one =(((((

    • urbaninfinityy says:

      I know how that feels! But if you save some money you can pay these roller skates in no time. (Yeah they are really expensive, it breaks my heart) You could also by Rookie roller skates, I have one myself and I could write a post about it if you like. They are cute as well and cheaper :)) xo

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