A little trip

Life is an adventure and no matter how far you go or how close you are from home, it’s a beautiful memory. Wherever you go.

This is probably like one of my randoms post where I tell you guys how beautiful I find things in life, and I hope you don’t mind.This weekend I went to Vlissingen in Zeeland with my family for an engagement party and It’s almost like 2 and half hours ( not that long ) away from where I live. I didn’t really care about arriving at the party at that time, Sounds pretty weird but I enjoy sitting in a car and looking out the window, seeing the blue sky, landscapes, and all those people rushing to wherever they’re going. Sleeping in the backseat of the car, probably going on a vacation, family or just going home. I sometimes wonder where those people are going and why they’re in such a hurry. why can’t they just enjoy the road instead of freaking out? I mean if they did. I looked out the window and admired everything I saw and thought: wow, God made this world so beautiful. This wasn’t really a road trip or adventure, but it felt like on to me because I never been to that part of this land before and I don’t travel much by carI’m not going into details about the party because I fell asleep after helping clean up, eat and have some fun. I just wanted to tell you guys that no matter where you go, you must enjoy every bit of it. (:

Xo, Gely


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