Dear Friend..

This is a personal post but I felt like sharing it. it’s a letter I wrote for an old friend in February 2014…

I have been thinking about this person for a while, just out of nowhere. We haven’t spoken for moths or had a real conversation in years. I thought about this person in the last 2 years. I’ve been stupid and did some things I wish I had never done, but that’s  how we learn, by making mistakes. I wish I could just tell that person that I’m sorry, that I’m not myself when I talk to him, that I want everything to be perfect because that person meant so much to me. Ever since you gave me a second change in the 7th grade I felt lucky, I felt like I should’ve been more grateful for having you. After that, I changed. I did, I really did. We became so close even though we didn’t saw each other because we went to different schools. We didn’t had to talk face to face to have fun we had twitter, funny but we also talked on msn. You said you missed me and wanted to hug me, I wanted the same. We grew up, went to high school, and I messed things up. I was so happy to have a friend like you and started to talk about how great you are, people became curious and asked you about it. You asked me If I had any feelings for you. I lied and said: “haha no I haven’t, you’re my best friend.” After all that drama of people asking about us I guess you got annoyed and frustrated,  you didn’t want anything to do with me. I changed again this time really upset because I didn’t had you. Just a phone number, million screen shots of our conversations and your Facebook page. Couldn’t do much with it because I was scared, scared of feeling that pain; not having those late night conversation but only those boring texts everyone else had. I’ve been a terrible friend and let you down. I’m so sorry and I wish I could just say it, face to face so you would see that I meant everything I said. But instead I wrote you this post, because I realized you were special, a gift from God. I’m so sorry my friend for everything I did, I let you down when you needed me, Thought only about myself can’t belief I was so selfish. Dear friend I hope you’ll forgive me..

xo, Gely


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