What to pack for a concert ?

Hey guys, I’m a big fan of Demi Lovato and if she comes to Europe I will definitely go to that concert!

I have never been to a real concert before so this will be my first time (if she comes) so to all you people I will make a list of things to back for a concert!

  1. WATER, that’s important for when you’re fan grilling all day.
  2. Money for some cool Merch.
  3. A camera to capture the beautiful moments.
  4. A note book for if you get a signature ( That would be lovely! )
  5. Your phone, if something happens, fans can be really crazy.
  6. Food, after a whole day screaming, shouting and buying expensive Merch, you will probably have no money to eat. And you don’t want to pass out right?
  7.   Be really early, as I have seen on YouTube it can get.. Crowded.
  8. Your best friend, of course!
  9. Comfortable shoes for if you’re waiting for hours.
  10. And not to forget a backpack if you feel like it. To put all your stuff in (:

Like I said I never been to a real concert before so I don’t have those experience. If you ever been to a concert before and you have some tips for me or you think that some of the things on this list aren’t necessary, let me know by leaving a comment below (:

xo, Gely


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