The Fault in Our Stars

Hello beautiful people (:

I just needed to post this because I watched it like a thousand times !
I also read the book so I’m extra exited for this movie. 

“The fault in our stars” is an amazing book written by John Green. This book keeps you thinking, laugh, cry & love the characters even more.

I bought this book because my friends had it and it was all over tumblr so I thought: “it must be a good book.”  And it definitely is! 
It’s about a girl, Hazel Grace. She’s suffering from long cancer and doesn’t know what els to do than  watch ANTM. So her mother decides to send her to support group, where she meets a very interesting guy, Augustus Waters. They eventually fall in love and share a beautiful little infinity. In this little infinity they fall in love, meet new people and share thoughts about life. 
This book is all about love and how you see life. A must read for young & old, I would definitely recommend this book!
You can buy this book at every book store and it’s also a 1# New York Times best seller.  


xo, Gely


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