Auburn – Pilgrim

I think this is song is really beautiful because it has a massage to all those people who feel the same. Who know Jesus and what he’d done but never understood it. Who Know the Satin but don’t know what he’s capable of.

While Growing up Auburn noticed that she was different from all the other kids. No matter how hard she tried to fit in, she thought differently and felt kinda weird. She was depressed and couldn’t understand why people didn’t want to be around her while she was just being herself. Later in life when she graduated and learned to open up to people at the youth group of her mother, and heard how sad everyone else was feeling just like her. She learned to speak with God and came to know that he was making her stronger on her way to heaven. She wasn’t that different as she thought.

“…I write this to say, your difference is what defines you. Never let the words of others, shape you into who you are, no matter who they are or what they think.
Remember who made you different, and thank Him every day.
If you struggle with depression, you can’t let it beat you until you’re no more. speak out on it and expose it. Because by holding it inside, you give the enemy power over you and over your thoughts.

Jesus died on the cross, and took the keys to every chain, and every spirit. He hold dominion, so when it comes, call on him. And know, He will answer.” – Auburn

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Xo, Gely


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